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Mira electric showers are good and are economical brand. It uses clear scale technology which is designed to last 50% longer. It’s so designed that is always ready to use at any point of time of the day or night.The power consumption of electric showers is in-between 7.5kW and 10.8kW. To get the best use of the electric shower just get it installed to a separate fuse connection of electrical supply circuit. Mira has the different range of products out of which Mira Sport Electric Shower is one of it.

Mira Sport Electric Shower Reviews – Available in 10.8KW, 9.8KW, 9KW, 7.5KW

Features of Mira Sport Electric Shower

Mira Sport Electric Shower model has great look and comes with improved fittings. The new Mira Sport is reliable and easy to use as well as install.

It has adjustable slide bar which can make it fit in any type of holes or left over holes of the previous shower kit.

It has large spray are of about 110mm in length and has 4 different spray modes in the showerhead.

This product comes with 2 years of dedicated services on any issues to be resolved by the Mira engineers.

It has Sensi-floTM prevention to protect the product from scalding in the process of a loosing of water pressure due to blockage in the hose or showerhead.

It has ClearscaleTM technology to remove limescale formation for improved performance and long lasting of the shower.

It has Opti-flowTM optimization technology for maintaining the flow throughout the year.

Design of Mira Sport Electric Shower

There two different colors available in design of Mira Sport Electric Shower one is white and other is chrome.

Advantages of Mira Sport Electric Shower

It has advanced pressure stabilization for temperature which control and keeps the selected showering temperature constantly till it’s on use.

It has separate power as well as temperature controls switch for better and perfect tune of the shower as per user preference.

It has a specific design of select and forget control mode for ideal shower system setting which can be set by just the touch button present for setting.

It has phased shutdown as well as flushes out the unwanted hot water from the storage tank to make it clean and ready for the next use.It has separate power as well as temperature controls. It has push button to show on and off as well as power and temperature control setting

Technical details of Mira Sport Electric Shower

It’s available with different power rating starting from low 7.5kW with standard rating of 9KW or 9.8kW to high up to 10.8kW, please see product options.

It has better plumbing system which is compatible enough to be connected to mains cold water supply of the home.

It can run in different pressure limit with a minimum running pressure limit of 0.7 bars to maximum pressure limit of 10 bar of the static inlet water flow.

The above study provides a brief description of different models. It depends on the user to select it as per its budget. Over all study of all the brands having electric shower based on power.

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