We clean things periodically show that it remains neat and clean and last long .Let it be our clothes or our cars. Everyday useable items present in our hose and things which we use in daily life need to get cleaned up otherwise there is a chances of getting roost or damage due to deposition of mineral and salts present in air, water or soil.  As we know water carry many types of deposited minerals in it some act good for heat some don’t. Similarly some daily use items in household can get affected by these minerals of water. In houses water is being carried to our body for different purpose in our daily life let it is for drinking or bathing or cleaning through taps or showers present in our home. Sometime time these taps or shower head get block due to the minerals present in water which get deposited in the heads in period of time.

It’s necessary it should be cleaned. The shower head some time get choked over time due to some mineral deposits which is carried by the water and get deposited in shower head. Thus which cause the blockage in the nozzles and the water starts flowing in different direction. This is only reason some time it damage other parts in the shower and the press of water can create the different type of leakages also. This leakage sometime can become dangerous if it’s connected to geyser. This may lead to short-circuit also. This type of blockage on shower head can provide you low presser of water flow also. It’s necessary to carry out periodic checking of it in particular time duration. Here are some important tips listed below which can help you in easy cleaning of shower head and help you in getting back the peak performance of your shower.

How to Clean A Shower Head?

  1. Cleaning the nozzles by rubbing them.

This type of easy trick is applicable on shower heads which are flexible and have rubber nozzles. In this way of cleaning one can remove the mineral deposited in the nozzles just by simply cleaning it by massaging nozzle hole with the finger. One can gently use any scrubber or toothbrush on it to remove the deposited in the nozzles.

  1. Cleaning it by soaking the Shower Head in a Vinegar solution.

This cleaning can be done by couple of ways they are listed below:

If the shower pipe is attached to the wall then the shower head can be raped in a plastic bag filled with vinegar then secure the bag mouth by teeing it well and can be left for few hours. After few hours of deeper in vinegar the head now it’s ready to be cleaned by turning on the tap and allow the water to flow through it for few minutes so that it can clear the vinegar solution out of the shower head.

If you can manage and remove the shower head from the attached shower pipe than submerge the head in the container having white vinegar solution. After the shower head should be soaked in the white vinegar solution for few hours then remove it and re-attach it to the shower pipe. After that turn on the water tap and allow the running water flow through the shower head for few minutes so that it cleans up the vinegar.

If the shower head is detachable one then one can clean the nozzles by Deeping the shower head in a saucepan containing hot vinegar solution which has been preheated. Even if one can also go for a boiling of the shower head deep in the white vinegar solution placed in low flame stove in a saucepan. It’s important to note the shower head does not touches the base of the saucepan when it’s placed on the stove with the flame on. One need to soaked it in the white vinegar solution for few hours after that remove it and re-attach it to the shower pipe then allow the running water flow through it so that the shower head gets cleans up properly.

  1. Cleaning the filter screen of the shower head as per instructions.

Some people use showers which has some complex design such as lights orgeyser even if music systems are attached to it. These products are mostly high price branded product which comes with particular type of cleaning system. In that case these above steps cannot be preferred on these.

So one can clean the filter screen in head by following the process mentioned in manual if it’s a luxurious branded shower head.If you have misplaced the manual then check it on the website of the brand of shower head one is using. Otherwise the simplest way is to contact with the customer care service department of the company for its service.

Thus if one is using a simple shower head and which is easy to detach from its pipe mount then one can follow the above steps mention at home only. These simple tricks of cleaning can be done at home in a regular period of time as it does not affect the product. But if someone is using some branded and complex product then one should look at the cleaning process mention on its manual or website or can take the help of its customer care service.

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