8.5KW Electric Shower Reviews – Triton, Mira, Creda, Aqualisa, Gainsborough, Redring

These showers provide maximum amount of hot water flow and performs better in standard consumption of energy. These showers have better cleaning ability and different replacement points for shower unit. It uses multiple cable connection in it or in other words it can be said that it has simple kit unit. Here is a description of different brands of electric showers with their features.

Best 8.5KW Electric Shower Reviews as per brands

The above study provides a brief description of different models. It depends on the user to select it as per its budget. Over all study of all the brands having electric shower based on power consumption.

Triton Enrich Electric Shower White 8.5kW

It has single control for different function such as start; stop as well as for power selection also.

It works well with cold water mains supply. It has only one spray pattern for the shower head.

It has eco settings for efficient water supply. It has better effective manual setting and 3 rotary power setting control as well as rotary heat control too.

It has easy of cleaning scales by rub-cleaning shower head. It has 5 different cable entry points as well as 5 different water entry points.

It has been approved by BEAB standards. It has a total dimension of about 210 x 110 x 305 in mm.

Mira Sprint 8.5kW Electric Shower

Mira Sprint electric shower has separate panels to control the flow as well as temperature which give freedom to tune to preferable shower.

It has separate control push button for stop and start.

It has indicator for low pressure indication. It has a special feature of auto shut-down for safety measures.

It has 4 different shower spray modes which can be connected to 5 different water connection positions. It comes with 5 different positions for 3 types of electrical entry points.

It can be cleaned easily by cleaning the rubber nozzles of the handset to prevent the lime scale formation.

Aqualisa Energy Electric Shower White 8.5kW

It has a total weight of 2.149 kg.

It uses cold water supply and provide hot water when required. It has intelligent temperature control system for better protection with particular spray patterns

It is incorporated with better lime scale reduction technology. The shower unit has riser rail, wall brackets and hose.


Creda AquaAmbiance 8.5kW LED Electric Shower

The shower is available in the UK with LED lighting incorporated to it.

It has six different entries for pipe and cable. It’s highly flexible for both installations or let it be for replacement.

It has better temperature stabilized. It has 3 different spray modes with the accessory kit for better removal of lime scale from the handset.

It has net weight of 4.2 Kg and total dimensions of about 57.4 x 31.8 x 14 in cm.

It has multi spray mode accessory kit with proper temperature stabilized. It has push button for both on- off operation and has rotary buttons to control the flow as well as the temperature of water.

Gainsborough 8.5 se Electric Shower –

It consumes 8.5 kW of electric unit. This electric shower has single mode shower head which can be cleaned easily by rubbing and cleaning the spray plate to reduce the formation of lime scale.

It has spray control system to control the flow of water by adjusting the incoming mains water supply.

It has simple push button to operate for both start and stop. It has single dial to control and has phased shutdown safety measures in it.


Redring 553540 Electric Shower 8.5kW

It’s economical in budget and can be installed quickly and easy.

It has combination of integral on and off switch to control the flow by the control valve in it.

It has neon power indicator. It has variety of spray pattern with a high quality rubbed clean handset

It provides instantaneous hot water by these electric showers so no need to stored hot water.

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