Top 5 Factors to Keep in Mind before buying Electric Showers:

Before you spend your money on buying an electric shower, make sure your cash is spent on buying the best electric shower that serves your choice of showering experience. We have listed the top six factors you need to consider before buying a good electric shower:

1. Cost of the Electric Showers:

Cost is an important factor to keep in mind before making a purchase. There are many electric showers that are highly priced but have failed in performance and are not laden with the best of features. Make sure you compare the top 7 showers mentioned above carefully and settle for the best electric shower.

2. Type of Shower head:

Though not a basic factor but the type of shower head decides the pattern of shower spray. If you are looking for wide variant of shower spray pattern then look for shower accordingly. There are electric showers which deliver three shower spray pattern and also 5 shower spray pattern. Don’t judge the spray by the quantity rather rely on the quality of spray and this quality is decided by the type of shower head. Also prefer the shower heads with easy to clean rubber nozzles.

3. Power Ratings:

You might have noticed that each shower is accompanied by a suitable power rating. This power rating can be 7.5 kW, 8.5 kW, 9.5 kW, 10.5 kW etc. Higherthe power rating, faster is the water heat up and higher is the flow rate. The variation in price between different power ratings is quite reasonable so settle for a shower that suits your need.

4. Water Pressure at your Home:

If water pressure at your home is too low, you may have to look for an electric shower that delivers great shower spray at the water pressure available at your area. If the shower fails to provide the desired pressure then you can add a shower pump to boost the water pressure.

5. Limescale Concentration in your Area:

If the limescale concentration in your area is high, make sure you prefer a shower that is equipped with phased shutdown and limescale resistant fixtures. On the other hand, if the limescale buildup in your water is too low then don’t pay extra bucks for features that you don’t need at all. Go for an electric shower with a shower head that has easy to clean rubber nozzles at just an easy wipe. 6. Design Factor: Most of the electric showers have more or less the same features in the same price range then do not get confused as to which should the best one to buy? Go for a shower head that is sleek and stylish, has compact design to occupy less space, has a touch of chrome finish and engineered plastic that has undergone rigorous testing. Not just the aesthetic look but also the durability is an important design consideration.

Wrapping up:

Our wide research on these electric showers and the presentation of the pros and cons of each shower individually along with a verdict from our shower specialists has not been futile. We tried our best to assemble our unequivocal reviews for the best electric shower 2017 to guide you better. I insist you to please spare a minute off your busy schedule to appreciate the effort of our team and let us know your experience in choosing the electric shower for your home.
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