The 7.5KW Electric Showers provide a maximum amount of hot water flow and performs better in minimum consumption of energy. These showers have better cleaning ability and can be operated manually. It has different replacement points for shower unit. It uses minimum number of cable connection in it or in other words it can be said that it has simple kit unit. Here is a description of different brands of electric showers with their features.

Top 7.5 KW Electric Shower Reviews

Triton Showers Seville 7.5 kW

  • Its net weight is about 3.1 Kg and total dimensions of about 11 x 21 x 30.5 in cm.
  • This shower has multi cable points and water points for entry.
  • It has five modes with 3 different spray patterns.It has single control for start and stops as well as for the power selection.
  • It has riser rail kit with anti-kink hose in the shower unit.It has 3 setting modes such as economy, cold and high power settings.
  • Double temperature protection with its outlet sensor which gets activate if the temperature of hot water is more and the second sensor turns off the heating if there are extreme conditions.

Triton T80Z Fast-Fit 7.5 kW Electric Shower

  • It has better pressure and temperature stabilization control. It has a better Low pressure indicator.
  • It has multiple entry points for water as well as electric.
  • A shower has rounded body shape with a back plate to give a perfect appearance. It has swing-fitTM for cables and Swivel-fitTM – 180 degree reversible water inlet.
  • It has adjustable-bracket for riser rail. It has push button for start and stop. It has low pressure indicator with 5 different position spray head.

New Mira Sport Electric Shower 7.5kW

  • It has advanced pressure and temperature stabilization control with display of temperature selected.
  • It has separate power as well as temperature controls. It has push button to show on and off as well as power and temperature control setting.
  • It has Sensi-floTM to prevent the shower losing of water pressure due to any blockage. Clearscale TM technology is used toremove lime scale formation help to last long.

The above study provides a brief description of different models. It depends on the user to select it as per its budget. Over all study of all the brands having electric shower based on power;
Here Triton Showers Seville of 7.5 kW can be considered as a best economic model followed by New Mira Sports electric shower. Depending on your priority you can choose its model as these brands are premium high end products yet economical.Triton T80Z Fast-Fit can be a best fitted model of the brand for every ones bathroom. It has all the specific features and can lie in the range of budget also. If someone is concerned about high pressure shower then go for Triton T80Z.

Other brands such as Aqualisa, Creda Aqua Ambiance, Gainsborough and Redring do not have 7.5kW models. This can be an alternative option if someone is looking for minimum power use electric shower with a better brand option then go for Triton Seville 7.5 kW.

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