Best Electric Showers 2017: UK Buying Guide & Reviews

We have researched every product to the best of our experience.Here below is a chart that will make things easier for you:

If you are looking for detailed reviews, just scroll down because our Electric Showers Specialists, if you would like to name them, have put the best of their effort to personally weigh the pros and cons of each product and put them into categories. We hope that the product reviews help you to quickly decide and settle for the one you are looking for. So, you are here because you are you looking to buy one of the top electric showers in 2017? Here in UK, electric use for bathing is an energy efficient approach towards a fresh and tidy bathing experience. Be it a fresh morning start or a tiring day at work, the first and foremost thing you look forward to is a stress relieving bath with the water drizzles touching your bare skin and rejuvenating your body.

Then there comes the various factors that you consider for choosing the good electric shower and with the best power shower there comes various factors into consideration ranging from the pulsating jets to the temperature of water. The very advantage of preferring an electric one over other showering options is the ability to heat the necessary amount of water required with the cold water readily supplied without wasting much energy. Further, to heat a minimum amount of water, it takes lesser energy, is not it?

Triton Seville 8.5kW – Best Electric Showers To Buy In 2017


electric showers triton sevilleIf looking for a budget one that satisfies the basic need of an electric shower, go for Triton Seville Electric Shower. This shower comes in various power ranges, ranging from 7.5kW to 10.5kW. The price variation from one power specification to the other is quite reasonable, so our suggestion is, go for the highest rated power shower for a luxurious flow experience. Remember, the higher the kW, the faster the heating up of the water and the higher the flow rate.

Now being the one priced reasonably, it is not equipped with a phased shutdown or a push start/stop button. The Triton basic kit includes the rising rail kit with soap dish and an adjustable shower head holder.


Important Features:


  • Dial temperature control for setting the preferred showering temperature
  • Multiple cable and water entry points for easy replacement
  • 5 showerhead spray patterns
  • Minimum running pressure/ flow for 10.5kW is 1 Bar at 8L/min and 1.5 Bar at 11L/min
  • 2 Years full parts guarantee (for UK power specification only)

under £60 with features as worthy as a £100 one

Rotary power control from cold to eco to high

5 showerhead spray pattern with dial temperature control

Equipped with an outlet sensor to protect the system from over heating

Instant heating up of water- value for the price paid

A 2 years full parts & labour guarantee


Replacement of the components require re-plumbing and re-wiring

Triton Martinique 9.5kW – The Best Electric Showers under £130

electric showers triton martiniqueWhen it comes to Triton, we trust the name blindly for being the heart of Britain’s Bathroom since 40 years. What’s new in this model of Triton ? Well, it falls between Creda’s 10.5 kW and Triton’s Seville. The basic showering experience is delivered by Triton’s Seville Model and Creda’s all chrome finish provides a unique look to your bathroom. What if we say the Triton’s Martinique is a combination of compact design that is less obstructive and boosted with the best performance?

The Martinique model is a sight for sore eyes, the beautiful slimline model with its stylish chrome fascia gives a complimentary look to your bathroom. Keeping the look aside and emphasizing on the performance, Triton is known for its quality and the easy operation at the reach of your hands like the push button power functionality allows you to operate among cold, economy and high. Not only this but the start/stop push button helps you to save the last setting of showering preference making all the luxury of showering at the reach of your fingertips.

The 5 spray settings viz. jet, blast, spray, rain and drench that enhances your bathing experience. Adding more to the features, it has a rotary dial for choosing the ideal temperature, low pressure LED indicator that alerts you when pressure level drops and limescale resistant shutdown that helps to prevent the limescale buildup for the user’s safety.

Important Features:

  •  Compact stylish chrome fascia and pristine white body for a modern looking bathroom
  •  Push Start/Stop button for saving the last setting
  •  Push buttons for power settings viz. cold, economy and high
  •  Phased shutdown or limescale resistant shutdown
  •  5 showerhead spray settings- jet, blast, spray, rain and drench
  •  Rotary temperature control dial
  • 2 years full part and labour guarantee

Our shower specialists took a hard time to carefully examine this particular product. Triton has always been a best friend to your bathroom. About Martinique, we personally recommend this unit because all the features that falls under the category of an excellent shower is equipped in this compact unit. Neither does it fail aesthetically nor does it fail in performance. For people having low water pressure, this too is not a problem, you can purchase a pump to boost the water pressure and here you go for a luxurious spa like experience.


Compact design that takes much lesser space compared to others

Push button control for ease in operation

Phased Shutdown to prevent limescale build up for user safety

Low water pressure LED indicator

Rotary temperature control for setting the preferred showering temperature


Not suitable for homes with low water pressure

Creda 10.5kW All Chrome – The Most Aesthetic Electric Showers

electric showers Creda 53557581 all chromeYou wonder why did I mention aesthetic when look is not the prime function , it has to meet your showering needs too, is not it? Then let us elaborate the features of the elegant Creda 10.5 kW shower. Now you have a posh bathroom and you are looking for an exact chrome to match the décor of your bathroom but you find showers that are not all chrome, what did you get for the price paid? Creda’s 10.5kW gives a modern look to your bathroom with the right pressure and temperature delivered to you at a price that’s a little higher than a budget one but much less than an expensive shower. Along with the rotary temperature dial this unit has push button for power settings and phased shut down button alongside the dial. The phased shut down ensures extra safety to the users which is an important feature as it goes missing in a budget one. Moreover, the push button power selection ensures ease in use and temperature selection. No matter how much we say, ease in the use of technology is the foremost criteria that must be met.

Important Features:

  • All chrome finish for enhancing the modern look of your bathroom
  • ON/OFF push button for ease in use and suitable temperature selection
  • Rotary temperature dial to switch from cold, medium and high power selection
  • Phased shutdown to prevent scale formation on heating coil years manufacturer’s guarantee

  If you rely on our review then this unit best enhances the aesthetic look of your bathroom. Like every product comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, this shower’s only demerit happens to be the temperature at the high mode operation which is a little uncomfortable for the skin to bear.Moreover, we say this again, no matter how much you deny,ease and comfort at operating the technology is our foremost priority and that’s the very reason we switch our needs to sophisticated products and trust us, you won’t be disappointed after using this sophisticated unit.


All chrome look for a modern bathroom

Phased shutdown for preventing scale formation on the heating coil due to hard water

Push start/stop button for the ease and comfort in operation

Eco power setting for summer which reduces the power while maintaining the warmth of the water

Durable product with a life of 12-15 years


Operating the equipment on high mode heats the water too hot for the skin to tolerate

Less pressure delivery when operated on medium power

Mira Sport 9.0 kW – The Best Electric Showers for Low Water Pressure


electric showers mira sportThe Mira Sport Electric Shower is probably the bestselling electric unit in the UK due to its reliability and product efficiency. The Mira Sport has received excellent reviews and has occupied a space in the consumer’s heart. It has been proven to last 50% longer than competitors. Want to know how? Here’s our review:

It is an affordable and long lasting unit due to the Mira ClearscaleTM and Sensi-floTM Technology. Sensi-floTM Technology prevents the flow from being obstructed due to scaling and Mira ClearscaleTM clears the scaling that helps the showering to last longer and gives a better performance. The Opti-floTM delivers 50% more water in summer. Other features include a four spray showerhead for comfortable showering experience. This particular model is different from the others in terms of the minimum maintained pressure as low as 0.7 bar. Homes with low water pressure do not need to scour the world for the best electric shower because Mira Sport has already been the answer to your prayer. Go for it!


Important Features:


  • Manual Temperature control and delayed shutdown
  • Advanced pressure stabilized temperature control.
  • Phased shutdown flushes excess hot water for the safety of the next user.
  • Sensi-floTM switches off the heat when the flow is hindered and ClearscaleTM prevents scalding
  • Opti-floTM ensures optimum flow of water throughout the year
  • Easy Installation
  • 2 years manufacturer’s guarantee


Every model has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. For Mira Sport which is highly suitable for areas with low water pressure condition, there comes a disadvantage too. If the input is low, the output would obviously be low. You can use a pump to boost the pressure.Moreover, not only for this electric model but for other units too you need to descale the showerhead regularly for longevity of the product. I know, it mentions about the Sensi-flo TM that prevents scalding but you too wipe clean the screen of your smartphone no matter how elegantly dust proof it is! Go for the Mira Sport 9.0 kW model for its ultimate reliability and usability.


Separate power flow and temperature control

Hard water supply in areas won’t affect the showering due to the Sensi-floTM technology that prevents scalding

Push start/stop button for the ease and comfort in operation

Good pressure delivery for areas with less than 1 bar water pressure

Opti-flo TM makes optimum use of water and delivers up to50% more water in the summer


At low pressure areas, the flow is not that strong.

At high limescale water conditions, you need to manually descale the showerhead on a monthly for increasing its life

GROHE Tempesta 100 – The Powerful Spray Electric Showers Under £140


electric showers grohe tempestaGrohe Tempesta is approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute for passing the Consumer Quality Assessment test which means the product has been rigorously tested and has been accredited as the most easy to use and responsive shower. Grohe Tempesta comes in three color variants to compliment your bathroom walls namely, white/sandstone, white/frosted granite, white/night-time grey. The color of the casing remains white where as the color of the rotary dial area comes in three beautiful variants.

The spray pattern of the Grohe Tempesta is amazing. The powerful spray soothes your aching body, it really helps you de- stress yourself. Moreover, it comes with optimal water distribution technology, limescale removal showerhead, shock proof silicone ring to protect the showerhead. The Grohe Tempesta provides a powerful and evenly dispersed water flow that enlightens your mood once you step into the shower-unit. This model is truly worthy for having the best jet spray available from covering a wide area rain to a focused jet spray.


Important Features:


  • 3 different showerhead spray pattern: Rain, SmartRain and Jet
  • Grohe Speed Clean Feature enables shower head limescale removal in a single wipe
  • Shock proof rings made up of silicone to protect the showerhead and tray
  • Grohe Starlight Surface makes the casing durable and scratch-proof
  • Zooming from extra wide rain to focused jet spray
  • 2 years warranty on the electric shower-unit and 5 years warranty on hand-shower, rail and hose


If you rely on our review then this model best enhances the aesthetic look of your bathroom. Like every product comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, this shower’s only demerit happens to be the temperature at the high mode operation which is a little uncomfortable for the skin to bear. Moreover, we say this again,no matter how much you deny, ease and comfort at operating the technology is our foremost priority and that’s the very reason we switch our needs to sophisticated products and trust us, you won’t be disappointed after using this sophisticated unit.


Strong jet spray delivery on water pressure between 1.0 bar to 10.0 bar

3 spray settings viz. Rain, SmartRain and Jet

Scratch Resistant finish and shock proof silicone covering on the showerhead to prevent damage if it falls

Quick and hassle free Installation


A little expensive for the features provided is less than other electric-showers of the same range

Bristan GLE105 B – The Ultimate Retrofit Replacement Electric Showers


electric showers bristan gle95b gleeAre you looking forward to replace your current model with an elegant looking model to compliment your bathroom? Are you worried about fitting problems that would arise due to the holes left behind by your old unit? If yes then you have landed in the right place and this Bristan GLE105 B 10.5 kW Glee Electric-Shower will retrofit other units with ease. The adjustable riser rail covers the disarray of the old electric unit very easily without re-tiling.

In addition to that, this contemporary looking model has some advanced features offered to you at a very commendable price.

Priced under £110, Bristan GLE105 B has a digital temperature display and many other features to make you feel the luxury of showering. The push Start/Stop button helps you to retain the last used setting. The rotary temperature dial helps you to choose the desired temperature for showering that is displayed by a LED display. In addition to that, it has three power settings viz. Cold, Eco and Hot. Phased shutdown ensures that the hot water is completely drained from the showerhead to prevent limescale buildup. Push fit swivel inlet elbow pipe connection enables plumbing from 5 different directions thus making it the most flexible replacement to your old model.

The next amazing feature of Bristan GLE105 is, it has a TCD (Temperature Control Device) that switches off the power to the heating coil once the temperature gets too high and the water inside the heater gets too hot and the TCD will automatically resume once the temperature subsides. Equipped is the best features, this electric-shower is a modern fit for your modern bathroom.

Important Features:

  •  ON/OFF push button for ease in use and suitable temperature selection
  •  5 electrical connection points and 5 water inlet points
  • Digital temperature display
  •  Rotary temperature dial to switch from cold, eco to high power selection
  •  Phased shutdown flushing all the hot water in order to prevent scalding
  •  Temperature Control Device (TCD) to automatically stop the power supply when the temperature gets too high
  •  Works at a minimum operating pressure of 0.7 bar and a maximum of 10.0 bar
  • Multi mode spray with rub clean nozzles

Bristan Glee comes with features of a near perfect electric-shower. The model is affordable and moreover it’s laden with features that are mostly found in units priced above £200. If you are looking for a replacement to your old unit without having to re-tile, this Glee model fits easily hiding all the mess left behind by your old model. This shower is a value for money! Trust us!


LED temperature display for the desired temperature setting

Multi mode spray to enhance your showering experience

Works on low pressure areas having pressure as low as 0.7bar

Three power settings for the desired showering experience namely cold, eco and hot

Push start/stop button to retain your last setting


The digital temperature indicator in certain cases malfunctions after a certain period of time

Triton T80z – The Fast Fit Electric Showers


electric showers triton fast fit t80zNow you might have been sure by the third review of the Triton shower that it’s undoubtedly one of the best and the most selling electric shower of Britain. The ease of installation, the affordability and the reliability of the Triton model makes it one of the best and most preferred electric showers. Triton T80Z is priced quite low compared to its features. It comes with 8 water entry points and 6 cable entry points for ease in installation. It comes with a unique swing fit cable connection that’s pre-fitted to the left hand side of the T80Z model. The Swivel Fit technology facilitates the 180 degrees access for both left and right water pipe connection. The T80Z comes in power ranging from 7.5 kW to 10.5 kW.

The features include a rotary temperature dial for setting the desired temperature, three power settings dial to choose among, cold, eco and high. The start/stop button present at the bottom of the T80Z is used to retain your favorite setting. There’s a low pressure indicator just above temperature dial that warns the user with the red indicator if the pressure drops too low and switches off the heating element. You can choose from all white or chrome finish depending upon what look would suit your bathroom. This modern slimline model has a 2 years manufacturer warranty to ensure that the product is build to last.


Important Features:

  •  All chrome or White finish for enhancing the modern look of your bathroom
  •  ON/OFF push button to save your last used temperature and power setting
  •  3 power control settings to choose among cold, eco and high.
  •  5 function showerhead
  •  2 years manufacturer’s guarantee

Well, if you are looking for a budget electric shower that has an easy fit provision then this Triton T80Z is definitely the one for you. Our specialists have always taken a special interest to carefully examine the Triton units and like other Triton models, this T80Z has also not disappointed us. It comes with all the features needed at your finger tips. The casing of the unit can look a little tacky but what can you expect out of a budget shower? Keeping looks aside, this model provides an excellent showering experience and I am sure it won’t disappoint you if you are looking for a budget shower under £90.


Installation is quite easy and fits easily in the present holes of your old model

Swivel water inlet connection enables flexibility of the water entry into the shower

A budget unit with a push start/stop button to retain the favorite setting

A stylish adjustable bracket riser rail


It takes a little bit of time to heat the water up

You need to clean the limescale build up manually and regularly if you have hard water in your locality.

Top 5 Factors to Keep in Mind before buying Electric Showers:

Before you spend your money on buying an electric shower, make sure your cash is spent on buying the best electric shower that serves your choice of showering experience. We have listed the top six factors you need to consider before buying a good electric shower:

1. Cost of the Electric Showers:

Cost is an important factor to keep in mind before making a purchase. There are many electric showers that are highly priced but have failed in performance and are not laden with the best of features. Make sure you compare the top 7 showers mentioned above carefully and settle for the best electric shower.

2. Type of Shower head:

Though not a basic factor but the type of shower head decides the pattern of shower spray. If you are looking for wide variant of shower spray pattern then look for shower accordingly. There are electric showers which deliver three shower spray pattern and also 5 shower spray pattern. Don’t judge the spray by the quantity rather rely on the quality of spray and this quality is decided by the type of shower head. Also prefer the shower heads with easy to clean rubber nozzles.

3. Power Ratings:

You might have noticed that each shower is accompanied by a suitable power rating. This power rating can be 7.5 kW, 8.5 kW, 9.5 kW, 10.5 kW etc. Higherthe power rating, faster is the water heat up and higher is the flow rate. The variation in price between different power ratings is quite reasonable so settle for a shower that suits your need.

4. Water Pressure at your Home:

If water pressure at your home is too low, you may have to look for an electric shower that delivers great shower spray at the water pressure available at your area. If the shower fails to provide the desired pressure then you can add a shower pump to boost the water pressure.

5. Limescale Concentration in your Area:

If the limescale concentration in your area is high, make sure you prefer a shower that is equipped with phased shutdown and limescale resistant fixtures. On the other hand, if the limescale buildup in your water is too low then don’t pay extra bucks for features that you don’t need at all. Go for an electric shower with a shower head that has easy to clean rubber nozzles at just an easy wipe. 6. Design Factor: Most of the electric showers have more or less the same features in the same price range then do not get confused as to which should the best one to buy? Go for a shower head that is sleek and stylish, has compact design to occupy less space, has a touch of chrome finish and engineered plastic that has undergone rigorous testing. Not just the aesthetic look but also the durability is an important design consideration.

Wrapping up:

Our wide research on these electric showers and the presentation of the pros and cons of each shower individually along with a verdict from our shower specialists has not been futile. We tried our best to assemble our unequivocal reviews for the best electric shower 2017 to guide you better. I insist you to please spare a minute off your busy schedule to appreciate the effort of our team and let us know your experience in choosing the electric shower for your home. 
All comments and suggestions are welcome!


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